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February 29, 2024

3 Reasons to Plan a Vietnam Vacation

Woman on a boat surrounded by mountains during a Vietnam vacation

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s top vacation destinations, but why should you book a Vietnam vacation over other destinations in Southeast Asia? SlidetotheWorld is here to answer that question and help you book the luxury vacation of your dreams. Vietnam beckons a variety of travelers with the perfect blend of natural beauty, rich history, and delicious cuisine. Stay at our properties in Da Nang at the Furama Resort and experience world-class dining, beaches, and amenities. Here are the top three reasons to plan a Vietnam vacation:

1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty and Biodiversity

Vietnam is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, with terrain including mountains, forests, wetlands, and coastlands. Breathtaking landscapes complement your adventures at every turn, from the pristine tropical coastline stretching 3,000 kilometers to the karst mountains rising from the sea. Whether you want to see the world’s largest cave or discover the thousands of islands along Ha Long Bay, there are endless experiences for nature lovers!

2. Cultural Diversity and Historical Significance

Vietnam’s culture dates back to 2,000 BC, offering thousands of years of history spanning dynastic rulers to French colonialism. Vietnam is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 54 ethnic groups, all with distinct cultures, traditions, and languages. From the ancient city of Hoi An to the Complex of Hue Monuments, showcasing the last vestiges of the Nguyen Dynasty, endless history is waiting to be discovered!

3. Delicious Vietnamese Cuisine 

The food in Vietnam is out of this world, featuring endless fresh and delicious foods around every street corner. Classics like pho and banh mi are served in local restaurants and are influenced by age-old traditions and recipes. Each region offers something different, and Central Vietnam is known for its sauces, seafood, and Huế cuisine. 

Furama Resort is known for being a culinary resort featuring a mix of authentic and locally inspired Vietnamese, Asian, Italian, and European cuisine. Enjoy delicious food without leaving the resort, sign up for a cooking class, and learn how to make your favorite Vietnamese dishes!

Interior hotel room of Furama Resort for a Vietnam vacation

Book Your Vietnam Vacation with SlidetotheWorld

Book your Vietnam vacation with SlidetotheWorld today and experience the country’s breathtaking landscapes, cultural diversity, and culinary delights. Reserve your stay at our properties at Furama Resort, ranging from one to four bedrooms. Our properties are more than just accommodations; they are experiences in themselves, promising warmth, luxury, and authenticity. Book now, and please contact us at 1-800-391-4240 with any questions!

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